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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

From Summer 2013 onwards, all undergraduate students will receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

What is the HEAR?

When the “Burgess” Group reported on its work considering the future of the Honours Degree, its central recommendation was the establishment of a standard document, the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). The intention is that this will be issued by all UK HEIs and will encompass the existing transcript and the European Diploma Supplement.

The HEAR is issued as an electronic document and gives undergraduate students a fuller record of their achievements whilst at university. It includes information about achievements such as volunteering and prizes awarded as well as information about module marks and the Degree Classification awarded. It is hoped that this additional information will prove useful to both graduates entering the job market and to employers.

Further information

As of Summer 2013, all undergraduate students will receive a HEAR. Please note that the following groups of students are currently excluded from receiving a HEAR: 

  • Medical students
  • Postgraduates
  • Note that as of 2014/15, full-year incoming exchange students and as of 2015/16, part-year incoming exchange students are issued with a HEAR

We will keep this page updated with any developments on the HEAR project.

Students can also view their final/agreed marks before their transcript is issued or refreshed by following the following instructions:

1) Go to “” and sign in using your Warwick ITS account credentials

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “View my module results”

3) Select the year of study from the drop down box

4) A list of the modules for which a mark has been uploaded will appear