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Information captured in the HEAR

The HEAR document consists of eight sections. A summary of what will be included is listed below:

Section 1: Information identifying the holder of the qualification

This section will include your name, date of birth, student number and HESA number.

Section 2: Information identifying the qualification

This section gives the name of the qualification, the main fields of study, name of the awarding institution and the language of instruction.

Section 3: Information on the level of the qualification

This section gives information on the level of the qualification linked to the relevant national qualifications framework. It also states the length of the programme and access requirements.

Section 4: Information on the contents and results gained

This section shows the modules and credits studied for the qualification stated in section 2, the assessment taken, and the marks/grades achieved. This includes stating whether the mode of study is part-time or full-time and the programme requirements for the course. The overall classification is also stated in this section.

 Section 5: Information on the function of the qualification

This section may include information on access to further study and professional status if applicable.

 Section 6: Additional Information

This section is intended to realise the full potential of the HEAR by enabling institutions to include additional information which provides a richer verified picture of student achievement. This section also indicates any further useful information sources and references where more details on the qualification could be sought, e.g. the HEI website; the department in the issuing institution; UK NARIC.

 Section 7: Certification of the HEAR

This section records the date the qualification was awarded and – if different – the HEAR was issued. It will also include a signature from the individual official certifying the HEAR and the capacity of this individual. It also carries the official stamp or seal of the institution that provides authentication of the HEAR.

Section 8: Information on the national Higher Education System

This section includes a description of the relevant national HE system.