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Faculty of Social Sciences: Assessment criteria for PGT

Most departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences use the following marking and assessment criteria for taught postgraduate courses.

Critique Presentation
Grade A: 70-100 Use of wide range of relevant sources, well understood and fully appreciated.
Excellent answer to question. Locates suitable concepts and makes comprehensive assessment of issues involved. Understands the relevant theories and applies them to answering the question.
Distinctive personal perspective on the problems in the question. Ability to set sources and viewpoints in context and evaluate contributions. Methodological awareness and theoretical appreciation.
Well structured and planned. Clear, articulate style (with good spelling, grammar and syntax). Proper referencing and bibliography. Confident presentation and appropriate length.
Grade B: 60-69 Good understanding of main sources, well summarised and used in a relevant way.
Competent answers to the question bringing out useful points and substantiating them. Use of theoretical models in a relevant way to answer to the question. Presentation of arguments and intelligent comments relevant to the question.
Appreciation of main issues and ability to make appropriate critical points. Sensible commentary on evidence and materials used.
Competent structure. Clear presentation (including good spelling, grammar and
syntax). Proper referencing and bibliography. Control of length.
Grade C: 50-59 Understanding of the literature and fair range of source material consulted.
Limited use and understanding of theoretical models. Presentation of arguments and intelligent comment relevant to the question. Sensible commentary on evidence and materials used. Coherent presentation. Satisfactory spelling, grammar and syntax. Satisfactory referencing and bibliography.
Grade D: 40-49 Some evidence of reading and understanding.
Introduction of basic concepts and effort made to relate them to the question. Mainly descriptive unsubstantiated points. Uncritical exegesis. Attempt made at coherent presentation.
Grade E: 0-39 Few relevant sources used. Poor understanding. Lack of analytical approach. Purely descriptive account. Often the question has been ignored or badly misunderstood. Irrelevant comments. Lack of any critical or appreciative framework. Unstructured presentation, lack of coherence, page referencing etc.


The criteria in Education departments take account of the specific features of Education as an academic discipline.

The Department of Economics MSc Handbook includes assessment criteria for the Department of Economics which establish equivalent standards, but are phrased differently.