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Examples of exams for marking scales

The links on this page are to the Past Exam Papers service. Exam papers are included here only to illustrate the sort of exams and assessments which are marked using the full range of marks from 0-100, and which use the 17-point scale.

These papers are provided for private study purposes only. You may print them, but must not distribute them, in any form, even to other students. Papers provided are those released by departments. Some departments only allow two years to be kept, while some allow up to five. In any case Students should be aware that module content changes and earlier papers may contain topics that are no longer in the current course. You should rely more on your lecturers and the course handbook, than the past papers.

Exams and assessed coursework marked using the full range of marks from 0-100

On this sort of exam or assessed coursework there is often a large number of questions to answer, and small packets of marks are available for each question or part of a question. There is often a right answer, although you will often get some marks for showing correct working out even if the final answer is wrong. Here, your mark might be any number from 0 to 100.


BS110Y, Animal Biology and Quantitative Biology (Biological Sciences)

GE1012, Modern German Language I: Composition and Comprehension (German Studies)

Exams and assessed coursework marked using the 17-point scale

On this sort of exam or assessed coursework your lecturer assesses the quality of your work, taking into account the descriptors for First Class, Upper Second, Lower Second and Third Class work, as well as the more detailed marking criteria for your department, course or module, and gives your work one of the 17 points:

  • Excellent 1st, High 1st, Mid 1st, Low 1st
  • High 2.1, Mid 2.1, Low 2.1
  • High 2.2, Mid 2.2, Low 2.2
  • High 3rd, Mid 3rd, Low 3rd
  • High Fail, Fail, Low Fail
  • Zero

These marks have numerical equivalents, so they can be combined together to calcualte a module result. For example, your module might have two assessed essays (coursework) and a 2-hour exam, and the marks for the essays and the exam are combined together to give an overall module result.


HI1070, History of Russia since 1881 (History)

GE1080, Writers, Media and Society in Contemporary Germany (German Studies)