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Examination and Assessment Policies ("Senate Examination and Degree Conventions")

The conventions listed in this series of pages consolidate various resolutions of the Senate, the Examinations Committee, the Board of Undergraduate Studies, the Academic Quality and Standards Committee and the Faculty Boards concerning examinations and taught programmes of study. Due account has been taken of changes in procedures which have rendered certain resolutions obsolete or in need of further expansion. In many cases the Senate has commented more than once in a similar vein (e.g. about deadlines for the submission of syllabus changes); only the main reference (which is not necessarily the first or the latest) has been cited as the source of the revised or new regulation. In some instances the precise wording of the Senate minute has been modified (whilst retaining the meaning) so as to present a consistent format and style.

The substantive document was first approved by the Senate at its meeting on 5th November 1986. The sections incorporating amendments to the text of the 2015/16 edition are: sections D (under "Retention of Examination Scripts"), E (paragraph (j) concerning feedback to students), G (paragraph (9) concerning conversion of marks from overseas institutions for outgoing exchange students) and M (paragraph 6 concerning the discontinuation of courses)

These conventions should be read in conjunction with the relevant Regulations in the University Calendar (Regulations 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19), and also the University’s Credit and Module Framework which may be found at:

Note: since the academic year 2001/02, the Examinations Committee has been replaced by the Board of Undergraduate Studies (and by the Board of Graduate Studies where the matter relates to taught postgraduate students).

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