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B: Appointment of Invigilators

1. Members of the academic (and related) staff, post-doctoral fellows, conversational assistants and spouses of members of the academic staff shall be eligible to invigilate examinations (Senate 126g(i)/81-82), except that departments be permitted to nominate postgraduate research students instead of academic staff to invigilate examination sessions for as many of the invigilation sessions allocated to the department as they wish, it being noted that it would be the departments' responsibility to ensure that postgraduates attended the appropriate examination session and to find suitable replacements if they were unable to attend. The nomination of postgraduate research students as invigilators is on the basis that:
(a)  that postgraduate research students only be permitted to invigilate.
(b)  that postgraduate students should not act as Senior Invigilators.
(c)  that the question of remuneration be a matter for local settlement between a department and the students.
(d)  that the participation of postgraduate students in examination invigilation should be entirely voluntary.  (Senate 39/94-95).

2. Invigilation duties shall be distributed to departments in proportion to the number of full-time teaching staff in each department (Senate 90a/77-78). When departments are asked to nominate more than one invigilator for a particular examination session, at least one of those nominated should be a member of academic staff (Examinations Committee 4(b)(ii)/99-00).

3. In nominating invigilators for examinations, departments shall ensure, as far as possible, a correspondence between the examining and invigilating responsibilities of members of staff  nominated, in order to make it possible to devolve upon relevant examiners some responsibility for monitoring variations in finishing lengths of papers, and the vetting of calculators and material   used in open-book examinations (Senate 61a(ii)/79-80, 172c/81-82).

4. It shall be regarded as desirable but not essential that for all examinations with male and female candidates there should be an invigilator of each gender (Senate 126g(ii)/81-82).

5. a. A sum shall be allocated to each department on the basis of the number of invigilators provided under the formula specified in paragraph 2 above (Senate 151a/78-79).
b. Any member of a department wishing to claim personal payment from the above allocation for invigilation shall be permitted to do so (Senate 151b/78-79).

6. That, in cases where students are permitted extra time in an examination totalling more than 15 minutes and no request has been made for the student to sit the examination in his or her department under separate supervision, departments be required to nominate invigilators to cover the period of extra time in the examination room (Examinations Committee 11/91-92).