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C: Collection and Delivery of Examination Scripts

(To be read in conjunction with the Regulations for Examiners, Regulation 10.1)

  1. Where possible examiners should collect scripts from the examination room, but not until the Senior Invigilator is satisfied that all scripts  have been collected (Examinations Committee 11d/76-77.appx).
  2. Examiners who are not able to collect scripts themselves may authorise a colleague to collect them on their behalf.
  3. Examiners are required to remain outside the examination room at the end of an examination until  permitted to enter by the Senior Invigilator (Examinations Committee 9/91-92).
  4. Examiners (or their nominees) who collect scripts from the examination room will be required by the Senior Invigilator to sign a receipt giving exact details of the number of candidates from  whom scripts have been collected. It is the responsibility of the examiners to ensure, at the time of collection, that they have received the correct number of scripts from the invigilator (Examinations Committee 11d/76-77.appx).
  5. Where answers to examinations are entered in several answer books it is the responsibility of the examiner(s) to sort the scripts in the department after receipt from the invigilator (Examinations  Committee 11d/76-77).
  6. Where the examiner does not collect the scripts from the examination room, scripts will be taken from the examination room to the Academic Office. Examiners will be informed by the Academic Office about distribution of scripts (Regulation 10.1 (5),  modified).