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K: Examination Arrangements for Visiting and Exchange Students

1. The same examination arrangements as adopted for home students shall normally be adopted for visiting students attending the full academic year (Senate 94d(i)/82-83, 180b(iii)/82-83).

2. Special arrangements may be made for visiting/exchange students who study at the University for part of a year, such that they cannot follow full modules and complete the normal assessment tasks (Senate 93(d)/07-08).

3. The appropriate Sub-Faculty or equivalent Faculty committee may approve requests from departments concerning a variation in assessment method for visiting students attending for less than a full academic year, or for exceptions to the requirements of paragraph 1 above (Senate 180b(i,ii)/82-83).

4. Once a particular variation in assessment method has been approved for a given module under paragraph 3 above it shall be deemed a precedent for future cases which shall not need to be submitted again (Senate 180b(v)/82-83).

5. Examination marks for each Visiting and Exchange Student shall be approved by the Board of Examiners for the second year of the appropriate degree course (or whichever Board meets latest) and forwarded to the Study Abroad Team for the preparation of transcripts (Senate 130b/84-85).

6. Marks for each examination taken by Visiting and Exchange Students shall be reviewed by one of the Boards of Examiners controlled by the Department offering the module examined, in order to assess the appropriateness of particular modules being offered to future Visiting Students (Senate 130b/84-85).

7. If the examination marks of a Visiting or Exchange Student need to be released to the student's home University before the meeting of the appropriate year Board of Examiners, a clear statement shall be included to the effect that these marks are provisional and subject to approval (Senate 130b/84-85).

8. Visiting and Exchange Students have no right of resit and shall be advised of their position in this respect in advance (Senate 130b/84-85).

(From 2017/18: Visiting and Exchange Students have the same right to remedy failure as home students and shall be advised of their position in this respect in advance.)

9. There shall be a standard convention for converting the University's examination marks into American grades, as approved by the Examinations Committee, but Departments are permitted to negotiate their own equivalents for specific exchange schemes (Senate 130b/84-85).

10. Where a UK visiting student seeking formal assessment attends for a full academic year, the modules followed shall be examined by the approved method of assessment for full-time undergraduates (Senate 156a(i)/86-87).

11. Where a UK visiting student seeking formal assessment attends for part of the academic year, the Department shall seek the approval for any variation in the usual method of assessment for the modules followed, using the procedures under (3) above (Senate 156a(ii)/86-87).

12. In the case of a UK visiting student merely attending modules at the University and receiving no assessment, there shall be no requirement to register the modules centrally as part of the normal module/examination registration process (Senate 156a(iii)/86-87).

13. The Academic Quality and Standards Committee has recommended that Faculty Boards should formulate assessment loads for visiting part-year students in line with a 40:40:20 CATS model (AQSC 39/01-02):

The Board of the Faculty of Science subsequently resolved:
(a) that it would not be possible for all courses or modules within the Faculty to set special methods of assessment for part-year students and that individual module tutors should be responsible for making this decision in the first instance;
(b) that it was understood that if appropriate assessment methods could not be set, candidates should not be accepted for a part-year of study;
(c) that the Board supported the proposal that all new and revised module proposals should indicate if part-year students can be considered and, if yes, how they may be appropriately assessed and assigned credit when their visit does not include the traditional period of study for the module.

The Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Board of the Faculty of Social Studies subsequently resolved:
(a) That given the inconsistency of assessment loads within and between departments in the Faculty a single consistent faculty-wide assessment load could not be determined by the Committee;
(b) That a recommendation be made to departments that they formulate a single assessment load for visiting part-year students for all modules offered within their departments in line with the 40:40:20 CATS model, for incorporation into the Notes of Guidance to be published by the International Office.

The Board of the Faculty of Arts subsequently resolved:
(a) That the Faculty would attempt to operate consistency in assessment methods at departmental level;
(b) That the Faculty would seek to identify commonalities in exceptions to standardise assessment methods given the high numbers of students requesting special treatment.

The Board of Undergraduate Studies subsequently resolved that faculties and departments be encouraged to adopt as much consistency in assessment methods for visiting part-year students within and between departments as it was possible to attain.