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N: Pass Degrees

At its meeting on 1 December 2004, the Senate approved the following recommendations of the Boards of the Faculties concerning credit loads for the award of Pass degrees and routes for Pass candidates to be reinstated to Honours:

Faculty of Arts

1. Pass degrees are awarded on the basis of a reduced load at Honours level.

2. The pass degree load shall be defined as 6 out of a total of 8 units, 7 out of 9, or 8 out of 10 (equivalent to a band of 75-80%).

3. Routes to a Pass degree shall be:
(a) students may, as a result of weak academic performance, be placed on a Pass degree during any year prior to their final year, and may have an opportunity to be reinstated subsequently to Honours, either by passing their second- or third-year examinations, or by sitting a departmental test at the beginning of their final year;
(b) students who fail to meet the conditions for a third class Honours degree may be awarded a Pass degree.

Faculty of Science

4. A student placed on a Pass load should normally be required to take a minimum load of 90 CATS during each year whilst on a Pass load.

5. A student placed upon a Pass load may return to an Honours load subject to the permission of the student’s department.

Faculty of Social Sciences

6. Pass degrees may be awarded on the basis of a reduced load at Honours level or may be awarded at the end of the final year after a full Honours load has been taken.

7. If a Pass degree is offered by the department, a student may be placed on a Pass degree in response to a poor performance which suggests they are incapable of sustaining a full Honours load.

8. Students are put on a Pass degree:
(a) at the end of their first year by decision of the First Year Board of Examiners in Social Studies, upon the recommendation of the student’s department;
(b) at the end of their second-year either by decision of the second-year Board of Examiners (if in existence) or by the Head of the Department, if there is no second-year Board in operation;
(c) at the end of their penultimate or final year by decision of the relevant Board of Examiners;
(d) at the end of the second and/or penultimate year the decision on a student’s progression will normally be guided by the principle of keeping open the possibility of an Honours degree wherever feasible.

9. Students on Pass degree courses may be permitted to take a full Honours load at the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Head of the Department in order to facilitate their progression back to an Honours degree track.

10. Having proved their ability to carry the work load required at Honours level, students may be permitted by the Board of Examiners, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or the Head of Department back on an Honours degree track after passing their penultimate-year or final-year examinations, or by sitting a Departmental test at the beginning of their final year. (Senate 2004-5).