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Q: Registration for Examinations

1. Students choose and register for modules in line with the process published by the Academic Office. Their choices are governed by the relevant Course Regulations (Senate 93(d)/07-08).

2. Procedures for the registration for examinations shall be issued to each student, including notification of the registration period the deadlines, and any penalties liable under paragraph 5 below:
(a) in the case of full-time students the Academic Office shall issue registration instructions to the students via their departmental address and/or Start.Warwick (Senate 78a(i.C)/80-81).
(b) in the case of part-time and In-service students, instructions may be issued by arrangement between the Academic Office and the departments concerned (Senate 78a(i.B)/80-81).

3. It shall be the responsibility of departments to use the same names and module codes in all references to modules as are used in the Course Regulations, to publicise the titles and examination codes provided by the Academic Office for all modules for which they are responsible, and to explain to students on their modules which examination codes correspond to those modules (Senate 78a(i.C/D) /80-81).

4. It shall be the responsibility of students to ensure that they register for the correct modules and examinations, and to obtain any departmental authorisation required by the registration procedures, confirming that they have registered correctly before submitting their registration (Senate 78a(i.C)/8081).

5. The Senate may impose a fee for registrations first submitted later than the deadlines approved under paragraph 2 above, at a level to be determined from time to time; appeals against the fee for late examination registration shall not normally be considered, but in exceptional cases a submission may be considered by the Academic Registrar and and the Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies (Senate 78a(i.E)/80-81, 34a/81-82, 41b(ii)/85-86).

6. In the case of degree courses in the Faculty of Science which have variable degree loads, students may deregister from examinations up to such deadlines as are approved by the Board of the Faculty of Science and the Board of Undergraduate Studies; appeals for extension to the deadlines shall be considered by the Chair of the Sub-Faculty of Science (Senate 34e(iii)/81-82, Sub-Faculty convention).

7. Amendments to registration details submitted late after the end of the Spring Term shall not normally be allowed to cause changes to the examination timetable; any clashes for the student(s) concerned shall be dealt with by special arrangements made by the department (Senate 78a(i.G)/80-81).

8. Examination registration submitted for the first time after the publication of the examination timetable shall be accompanied by the letter from the student's personal tutor confirming the department's awareness of the requirements of paragraph 7 above (Senate 78a(i.F)/80-81).

9. Students who fail to register by the appointed date shall not normally be permitted to sit examinations except with the approval of the Steering Committee (Senate 136d/79-80). The appointed dates shall be:

Summer term examinations : Friday of the penultimate week of the Spring Term.
September examinations : 1st August.
Autumn and Spring Term examinations : 3 weeks before the examination, or by agreement with the departments concerned.

10. Members of the public attending individual modules shall not normally be permitted to register for or take the examinations or submit work for assessment (Senate 24b(i)/81-82).

Resit Candidates

11. Heads of Departments will be notified by the Academic Office, after the publication of the Summer examination results, of all the students in their Department who have been required to resit examinations in September.

12. Candidates for resit papers (other than those resitting as a first attempt) shall be charged a fee; resit students are normally expected to make themselves available for examinations in the Summer vacation at the University, but where examinations have been arranged abroad for candidates for whom special arrangements have been approved by the Board of Undergraduate Studies, they shall be charged an examination registration fee higher than that levied for examinations conducted at the University, whether being taken as resit examinations or first attempts (Senate 34b(i)/81-82).