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U: Mitigating Circumstances

University Mitigating Circumstances

(To be read in conjunction with the regulation governing Absence for Medical Reasons from a University Examination for First Degrees- Regulation 12)

This advice came into effect on Monday 30th September 2019

The information below is for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students. The definitions of Mitigating Circumstances apply also to students registered on taught modules on Doctoral research programmes, but not to postgraduate research vivas.

1) Definition of Mitigating Circumstances

Situations that the student could not have predicted and had no control over (e.g. serious illness, death of someone close, being the victim of crime, family difficulties and financial hardship); situations with negative impact on the student’s ability to undertake assessments/examinations which are independently evidenced in a timely fashion; (e.g. doctor’s note during illness showing duration and level of negative impact); situations that are acute or short term, the timing of which are relevant to the impact on study (normally within three weeks of the relevant assessment event deadline). Mitigating Circumstances must be submitted to your Department using the University’s Mitigating Circumstances Portal as soon as possible.

NOTE: Long term chronic conditions (normally greater than a term in duration and that are likely to continue) and disabilities are dealt with under the reasonable adjustments policy.

2) Information for Students

If you want to submit mitigating circumstances, please read:

  1.  Mitigating Circumstances Policy and
  2. Mitigating Circumstances Advice for Students (updated 05 October 2020)

    From 2019/20, mitigating circumstances are to be submitted via a new online portal. Your department will advise you on how to access this portal. Departmental forms used in previous academic years to submit mitigating circumstances will no longer be accepted. All supporting evidence must be submitted via this portal.

    • DEADLINES: For extension requests as soon as possible and definitely before the submission deadline. For all other mitigating circumstances that might be relevant to a Board of Examiners, by the Departmental Deadline provided in the Student Handbook.
  3. Appeals: You cannot appeal a decision of a Mitigating Circumstances Panel, but you might be able to appeal a decision made by a Board of Examiners. See how to make an academic appeal and where to find an academic appeals form.

3) Information for staff advising students on mitigating circumstances

Please read:

  1. Mitigating Circumstances Policy and
  2. Mitigating Circumstances Guidance for Staff (updated 05 October 2020)
  3.   Mitigating Circumstances - Evidence Requirements (updated 05 October 2020)
  4.   Guidance on Handling Mitigating Circumstances for Online Examinations (staff guidance) (added May 2021)

4) Self Certification Policy

  1.  Self Certification Policy

5) Deferral of Examinations Policy

  1. Deferral of Examinations Policy (implemented April 2020, updated Sept 2021)