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NSS giving

You can vote through your department for the Warwick fund you'd like to support


at Warwick provide financial assistance and skills support to gifted and talented undergraduate scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many such scholars are the first in their family to attend university. Scholarships are helping to increase the ethnic diversity of students studying Law and Business, as well as
addressing the gender disparity in Engineering. Students are offered ongoing academic, careers and pastoral support, and bespoke social events to build confidence in new settings. There are also tailored opportunities for work experience, shadowing, mentoring and internships so that students leaving Warwick will have the absolute best start to their careers, regardless of their background.

warwick_in_africa.jpgWarwick in Africa funds Warwick students to travel to Africa to teach English and maths to young learners in disadvantaged communities. The programme has reached over 280,000 learners in 10 years. Volunteer teachers are selected to undertake a 4-6 week placement in one of 27 partners schools in Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania. They deliver energetic, inspirational maths and English lessons to some of the poorest schools in Africa, and introduce new teaching methods to inspire lasting change in the classroom. The Programme also runs Teacher Master Classes, helping teachers with new techniques and pedagogy, transforming the way they teach locally. Find out more here.

A grant or loan from the Hardship Fund makes a significant difference to many students each year, by offering emergency support to those facing unexpected additional demands on their budget. A loan from the Hardship Fund can often be the boost that enables those who need a little extra financial support, to overcome barriers that are preventing them from achieving the qualification that changes their lives. Applications for emergency loans are managed in confidence by the Student Funding office, and funded with the help of donations from alumni and friends.


Warwick Caner Research Centre

The Warwick Cancer Research Centre funds research at Warwick to help people in the local community live better with cancer. Working closely with the existing Warwick Clinical Trials Unit, the Cancer Research Centre fuses elements of cancer clinical trials with clinical sciences at University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW). Recent research breakthroughs include new nano-technology delivery systems, treating patients to help reduce symptoms like hair-loss and the creation of new drugs 49-times more powerful than previously existing ones. Find out more here.

You can find out more about other giving opportunities on the Fundraising website.