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Good Practice Guides, Guidelines and Guidance Directory

This page provides a directory of good practice guides, guidelines and guidance, detailing commendable practice to be adopted by departments in a number of different areas. The documents listed below will typically include policy or regulatory requirements together with examples of good practice. 'Owner' department is noted in brackets for comments and enquiries.

Academic Probation Guidelines (Human Resources) (staff only)

Policy and Procedures for the Accreditation of Prior Learning (Teaching Quality)

Guidance on collaborative, validated and franchised courses (Teaching Quality)

Good Practice Guide in Examination and Assessment, including providing feedback & plagiarism and good academic conduct (Teaching Quality)

Policy on the Timeliness of Feedback (Teaching Quality)

Guide to Examinations for Higher Degrees by Research (Graduate School)

Guidance for External Examiners (Teaching Quality / Examinations / Graduate School)

Good Practice Guide on Joint and Cross Departmental Courses (Teaching Quality)

Moderation Guidance (Teaching Quality)

Good Practice Guide on Monitoring Student Attendance and Progress (Teaching Quality)

Personal Tutor Guidelines (Student Support Services - University Senior Tutor) (staff only)

Good Practice Guide on Placement Learning (Teaching Quality)

Guidance on Postgraduate Scholarships (Graduate School) (staff only)

Guidance for Postgraduate Course Selectors and Administrators (SARO) (staff only)

Good Practice Guide on Providing Information to Students (Teaching Quality) (staff only)

Policy on Recording of Lectures by Students

Policy on Remedying Failure at PGT Level (Graduate School)

Senate Examination and Degree Conventions (Examinations / Teaching Quality)

Dignity at Warwick

Student Staff Liaison Committee Handbook and Training Guide (SSLC)

Guidance for academic departments on Student Support Services (Student Support Services) (staff only)

Guidance regarding Study Abroad for incoming and outgoing students, including Erasmus Outgoing Student Handbook (International Office) and information on partner institutions (staff only)

Guidelines on the Supervision and Monitoring of Research Degree Students and Guidelines on the Supervision of Students Based Away from the University (Graduate School)

Guidelines on the Supervision of Students Based Away from the University (appended to the Guidelines on Supervision and Monitoring of Research Degree Students) (Graduate School)

Guidance for Undegraduate Course Selectors (SARO) (staff - course selectors - only)

Guideline on Use of Postgraduate Students for Teaching (Graduate School)