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Lecture Capture Policy

The University of Warwick provides a service to create Recordings (audio, video, and screen) by Staff Presenters for use in teaching and learning. The University has invested in the hardware, software and technology support to enable recordings to be easily scheduled and then accessed by students within an access-controlled environment.

This policy governs the use of the Lecture Recording Service by staff and students.

Students value having access to recorded lectures for revision and review. Lecture capture helps make teaching more accessible and inclusive for all students. If recording is requested as a Reasonable Adjustment then staff should provide a recording or at least allow the student to make a recording. Students should be aware of their responsibilities under the Policy on Recording of Lectures by Students.

Recordings in the lecture capture system are intended for use by students registered on the relevant module and should be clearly marked as Warwick resources. Access is limited to the staff and students of the University and students are not allowed to share recordings further.

If recordings or content within them are identified that may breach this policy, users should contact lecturecapture at warwick dot ac dot uk with details of the possible policy breach and the University will investigate.

The Lecture Capture Consent form is available here

A separate process applies where lectures given by people who are not staff of the University are to be recorded.

Further information for staff is available in the Lecture Capture Service Policy Guidance

Questions about this Policy should be directed to the Lecture Capture Service in IT Services, lecturecapture at warwick dot ac dot uk

Policy Approved by Senate, 1 February 2017