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Preliminary meeting with QAA, 29 April 2008

Questions to ask QAA at the meeting, issues to discuss:

QAA have set the agenda for the meeting, which is along standard lines. Points where we might seek clarification or ask questions might include:

  • What criteria might Audit team use in deciding where the audit trails should be? 
  • How much hard-copy evidence might Audit team want?
  • How much back-up evidence might Audit team want? (e.g. if Library  have a summary of evidence about Learning Grid, how much of the "working out" would Audit team want?)
  • Have we got our timeline and deadlines right for producing the Institutional Briefing Paper (IBP) and the Student Written Submission (SWS)? 
  • How might Audit team feel about having some meetings away from the normal meeting room? Behind the question is our desire to show off some of our more innovative spaces, e.g. Reinvention Centre, Millburn House, Learning Grid, Teaching Grid, Research Exchange
  • When do we find out who the Audit team is?

There are also some minor techo-bureaucratic things to sort out:

  • check we've got right contact details for Gillian and Angela at QAA
  • give QAA our correct job titles, give more specific address (Uni House) and postcode for TQ team
  • point QAA to Ac Stats

Further suggestions welcome: either email Julian or edit this page!