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Warwick Graduates

The fundamental purpose of the Learning and Teaching Strategy is constantly to be examining ways to sustain the exceptional qualities of Warwick graduates as representatives of the distinctive education they have received during their time at Warwick.

Warwick graduates are heterogeneous in background, character and interests, but united by confidence in their abilities and pride in their achievement. They arrive with high potential with a willingness to embrace the challenges of a Warwick education.

Based on our values and academic excellence, through the education they receive at Warwick and the experiences and support offered to them they:

  • Become active and autonomous learners who take responsibility for their own learning as creators and re-creators of knowledge and ideas, not passive recipients of teaching.
  • Develop their abilities as critical and independent thinkers, as articulate communicators, and as entrepreneurs and creators.
  • Develop the capacity to master complex ideas and skills while also demonstrating an awareness of broader social, cultural and intellectual issues.

By the time they complete their studies Warwick graduates will:

  • Exploit their talents to engage with key national and international issues as global citizens and potential leaders in a wide variety of fields and roles, while also seeking personal well-being and fulfilment.
  • Continue to learn and challenge themselves and to succeed while responding to changing environments and circumstances.
  • Value their membership of the wider Warwick community as alumni, and through their achievements enhance their University’s reputation.