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Theme 1: Promoting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

We will seek constantly to innovate in the education we offer, to provide a distinctive and intellectually stimulating experience for our students and to develop the skills valued both within academic communities and by employers. The Warwick culture of learning is one which consciously promotes a highly active process of knowledge acquisition in a research-rich environment. We will continue to introduce innovative ways of encouraging students to assume responsibility for their own learning and challenging our most able undergraduate students with the opportunity to undertake independent research, thereby contributing to the knowledge development of the scholarly community. We will provide the opportunity for students to study at the boundaries of disciplines, enabling them to understand the context within which their discipline operates and the interfaces it has with other disciplines.

1.1 We will enhance flexibility in the undergraduate curriculum to provide interdisciplinary modules and develop new interdisciplinary degrees.

1.2 We will continue to promote research-led teaching and learning across the University to provide a stimulating educational environment where students are inspired by excellent staff to become independent learners and critical thinkers and all undergraduates are offered the opportunity to work on an extended project or piece of research.

1.3 In order to support the development and embedding of innovation in teaching and learning we will continue to provide advice and funding through the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning, together with promotion of proven initiatives.