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Theme 2: Enriching the Learning Experience

Providing the appropriate support for students to fulfil their potential while at Warwick is an essential component of the learning experience. We will guide students in their preparation for UK higher education and, once at Warwick, we will offer a range of mechanisms to support them in developing the skills they will require both for success in academia and beyond. Assessment is a critical feature of the student experience. We aim to ensure that the assessment mechanisms used allow students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired and that they are applied fairly and consistently. To ensure that our policies and procedures remain relevant and effective, we will continue to reflect on opportunities for improvement in partnership with the student body.

2.1 We will develop our induction of students into higher education to ensure that they are well prepared to take advantage of the opportunities available to them from the outset of their studies, regardless of their background or previous educational experience.

2.2 We will review the role of the Personal Tutor to align its academic and pastoral functions and to work towards improved consistency in provision.

2.3 We will continue to develop the opportunities for skills training available to postgraduate students.

2.4 We will monitor our assessment framework across all levels of study to ensure that it is fair and that students have the opportunity to demonstrate the range of skills and knowledge they have acquired, continuing to promote innovation and good practice both in assessment and in the provision of feedback to students.

2.5 We will continue to review our approach to the management of joint and cross-departmental degrees, to better understand and address the issues faced by departments and students, with a view to ensuring the co-ordinated delivery of these courses.

2.6 We will actively reflect on and review our teaching and learning provision and supporting processes in partnership with the student body.

2.7 We will continue to develop our Student Support Services to ensure that students have the opportunity to realise their full academic and personal potential, in full cognisance of any diversity, difficulty or difference.