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Theme 3: Providing a High Quality and Stimulating Learning Environment

At Warwick we expect students to be inspired by dedicated teachers who are at the forefront of their research fields. We will provide the support academic staff require to allow them to develop innovative teaching and assessment methods and to explore distinctive approaches to delivering curricula. High quality learning spaces, whether physical or virtual, are essential to an excellent student experience, supporting a diversity of learning needs and methods. Ongoing investment will continue to enhance pedagogy and facilitate learning for students, recognising the increasing use of digital technologies in students’ own lives.

3.1 We will promote an environment in which teaching is valued and rewarded and in which the development of professional skills in teaching are actively encouraged.

3.2 We will provide the infrastructure to support the use of advanced technology to deliver teaching and learning.

3.3 We will support staff to identify opportunities for integrating digital technologies into their teaching, actively encouraging the use of these technologies where appropriate.

3.4 We will work to provide excellent buildings and facilities which stimulate self-development and creativity, provide opportunities for innovative teaching methods and support collaborative learning through strategic partnerships.