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Theme 4: Creating a Diverse and Globally Connected Community

Diversity of students and staff enhances the vitality of our community and of our teaching. Widening participation and ensuring fair access to all with the capacity to succeed have always been taken seriously at Warwick, for reasons of social justice and for the academic and pedagogical benefits that come from a mixed student body. Warwick has always welcomed a significant proportion of students from outside the UK, who contribute to the flavour of a Warwick education. It is as important for our international students to benefit from a genuine UK education as it is for our home students to encounter other traditions. It is therefore our aim to give all students the opportunity to develop a global perspective which is essential in preparing them for employment in international markets, whether through learning a language, opportunities to travel overseas or being educated in a cosmopolitan setting.

4.1 We will increase the diversity of our student intake, attracting the most able students irrespective of background or nationality to create a cosmopolitan and vibrant community.

4.2 We will offer the opportunity for all students to engage in activities which enhance their international and intercultural awareness.

4.3 We will seek to ensure that students wishing to take up the opportunity to participate in overseas exchange or visiting programmes, or to take work placements overseas, can do so.

4.4 We will develop our collaborative taught provision alongside research collaborations with specific strategic partners.