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Theme 5: Prepare students for their lives beyond Warwick

At Warwick we consider personal, academic and professional development and the preparation for employability to be essential elements in our courses. We aim to develop students’ general and career management skills, their preparation for work and an active role in global society, with the result that our graduates are valued by a wide range of employers, not only in the UK but globally, including public, private, non-governmental and voluntary sectors. Warwick, as an institution and through individual departments, engages closely with a wide range of employers and professional bodies in order to represent as broad a range of opportunities as possible, being responsive both to student needs and the labour market. We will continue to provide advice and guidance embedded within academic departments, supported by academic staff, to maintain close contact with the student community.

5.1 We will provide opportunities for students to develop their personal confidence, to identify the skills and experience they need to fulfil their career ambitions and to develop those attributes, either embedded within the curriculum or through co-curricular activities and we will encourage them to reflect on the relevance of their individual attributes to an employment context.

5.2 We will increase the opportunities available to students to gain work experience relevant to their prospective careers and seek to remove the barriers to take up of those opportunities.