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Learning and Teaching Strategy 2012-17: Values

The following values underpin Warwick’s Learning and Teaching Strategy:

  • Excellence in both teaching and research such that each activity enhances and is enhanced by the other.
  • Embedding of research into learning, allowing students to develop knowledge to be shared with, and challenged by, future students and the wider world.
  • Commitment to innovation, in curricula, teaching methods and assessment.
  • Support for a scholarly community whose members, staff and students, enjoy a shared curiosity in and enthusiasm for their subject.
  • Preparation of our students for the challenges of active citizenship, leadership and employment in the global economy.
  • Engagement with external communities, from local neighbourhoods to business, industry and public services to enrich our students’ learning opportunities.
  • Promotion of an especially international university, in terms of the backgrounds of staff and students, and the opportunities available to students.
  • An active commitment to diversity in our community where staff and students from all backgrounds and nationalities are valued.
  • A critical self-awareness to challenge and evaluate all our activities..