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Placement learning

For guidance on the approval of placement learning within a course, see the course approval pages. Criteria for approval of exchange partners is available here together with the proposal form.

For guidance on the recognition of credit for integrated placements or additional years of study abroad or work in industry, see the policy statement

For guidance on converting marks for undergraduate courses from overseas institutions, for use with an intercalated integrated study abroad year, see the Mark Conversion Tables

The Placement learning Good Practice Guide should be read alongside the Health and Safety Policy and Guidance for students undertaking placement learning, as published on the Health, Safety and Well-being web-site and cross referenced throughout.

Placement learning takes place in a variety of forms at Warwick, including courses with mandatory or optional years abroad, intercalated years in industry (UK or abroad), professional or clinical experience, work-based and experiential learning. A Good Practice Guide on Placement Learning was developed over the summer 2003, under the direction of a Working Group representing the various types of placement learning. The purpose of the Guide is not to be prescriptive, but to facilitate the sharing of good practice across the University.

Prior to the start of each academic year, representatives from relevant departments will be invited to attend an annual forum on placement learning to discuss developments over the past year and make amendments to the Guide.

Major amendments to the guide were made following the introduction of new Health and Safety guidance for student placements in 2010, and the amendments approved following the annual meeting of placement learning coordinators in October 2010.

Any comments on the Guide or further examples of good practice may be sent to

Executive Summary
Introduction and Definition
Institutional and Departmental Policies and Procedures
Assessment and Achievement of Learning Outcomes
Students’ Rights and Responsibilities
Student Support and Information
Staff Development
Approval, Monitoring, Evaluation


Annex A: ECTS Learning Agreement (PDF Document)

Annex C: International Office ERASMUS checklist, 'Things to do before leaving the UK' (PDF Document)

Annex D: Department of Italian Studies' Year Abroad questionnaire (PDF Document)

Annex E: Medical School student support flow chart (PDF Document)

Other Useful Information

Health and Safety Policy and Guidance (on the Health, Safety and Well-being web-site)

Course approval documentation (including Part 3 covering Placement Learning)

Student Academic Complaints procedure