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Governance Route: Consideration of the Credit Framework

As many colleagues as possible are being drawn into consideration of the Credit Framework to ensure a wide diversity of views may be brought to bear.

The HoDs Forum in October was alerted to the Review due to get underway in the current academic year.

Major University committees (the Education Committee, the Academic Quality and Standards Committee, the Student Learning Experience and Engagement Committee) were consulted in the Autumn Term 2018.

The Partnerships Committee and Board of Graduate Studies will be consulted in the Spring Term 2019.

Faculty Education Committees (Arts; Science, Engineering and Medicine; Social Sciences) and Faculty Boards (Arts; Science, Engineering and Medicine; Social Sciences) will have an opportunity to discuss a paper on the Review of the Credit Framework at their January and February meetings respectively. The outputs of the institutional consultation should return to them in the Summer term before a set of guiding principles and an outline project plan is considered by the Senate before the end of the academic year 2018-19.

The student voice is central to this project. In addition to student representatives on University committees being able to participate in discussions, work is underway to review qualitative feedback from the NSS 2018 and PTES 2018 relating to the impact of issues arising from the Credit Framework on Warwick students. Colleagues in Teaching Quality are also working with Communications to offer a series of student focus groups concentrating on the issue of the Credit Framework. If you are a student with views to share on your experience of the Credit Framework, please contact to contribute to a student focus group.

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