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Restructuring the Teaching Year

Restructuring the teaching year is not necessarily an outcome of a review of the credit framework. However, it might be a significant consequence and there are a number of factors which are prompting consideration of this as an issue alongside questions of tariff etc. There has been mounting pressure for the provision of a mid-year assessment period so as to reduce pressure on the traditional summer term examination period. There is a desire to 'bank' students' marks from assesssment and earlier tests in SITS, in-year. It would also be highly desirable to provide an opportunity for students to remedy failure in-year: the practice of requiring first year students who fail modules or module components to 'resit without residence' 12 months after their original assessment imposes an unnecessary hiatus in their studies. Equally, altering the balance between modules taught across the year and those delivered in a single term would also create an opportunity for the provision of a testing period alongside teaching in each case, rather than solely at the end of the year, although it is noted that views of departments are mixed as to which may be preferable. Operational considerations also exist, amongst which would feature mitigating any impacts of changing teaching and assessment periods upon non-academic aspects of the University's calendar.

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