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Work-based Learning (WBL) Framework


The purpose of our work-based learning framework is to:

  • create a coherent and managed oversight and regulation of work-based learning across the University ensuring the quality of provision and sharing of good practice
  • enable all parties involved in work-based learning to agree a set of principles, policies and practices that contribute to their individual and collective work-based learning goals
  • reduce the potential for duplication of work across the University through the development and sharing of modules and resources which can be used in support of work-based learning activities
  • ensure there is clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities of all potential parties involved in work-based learning


We will:

  • clearly articulate to staff, students, employers and stakeholders our approach to work-based learning
  • accept and recognise the value of employability in all aspects of the student journey
  • share good practice leading to continual enhancement of all that we do


Where work-based learning is part of a credit rated programme of study it should:

  • have learning outcomes that contribute to the overall aims and outcomes of the programme, clearly identified in the programme and module level descriptors
  • focus upon learning in the workplace where critical reflection, enhancement of skills, knowledge and behaviours are core to all activity that will take place
  • ensure that work-based learning opportunities are embedded within the curriculum offer
  • embrace and encourage breadth and depth of WBL activities encouraging innovation and flexibility
  • contribute to the award though not necessarily to the grading or classification of the award

Training and Support

We will:

  • provide opportunities for staff to undertake work-based learning training and support relevant to their role

Administration and Systems

We will:

  • ensure the quality and standards of all work-based learning activity in accordance with University teaching quality systems
  • ensure that systems are developed to support all aspects of work-based learning
  • create approaches to enable social inclusion within safe and supported environments
  • be inclusive in all aspects of our planning, management, monitoring and review


We will:

  • provide information that ensures students are fully informed about their responsibilities relating to work-based learning
  • engage students in the continual improvement of work-based learning activities


We will:

  • establish sustainable relationships and networks which have clear roles and expectations for all parties
  • provide information that ensures employers are fully informed about their responsibilities relating to work-based learning
  • engage employers in the continual improvement of work-based learning activities


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