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Introductory Notes


1. The following Course Regulations should be read in conjunction with the Regulations for the Degree of BA, BA (with Qualified Teacher Status), BSc, BEng, MEng, LLB, BPhil(Ed) or BEd, or the Regulations Governing Higher Degrees as appropriate, and the General Examination Regulations. They incorporate changes approved by the Senate before the middle of the Summer Term 2004.

2. The Senate, at its meeting on 21st June 1978 resolved that a student’s choice of option modules from the approved list is subject to the approval of the Chairman of the appropriate Department and it should be noted that not all modules listed are necessarily available in any one academic year and modules not listed here may be available.

3. The Senate, at its meeting on 2nd December 1970 resolved that of the total credit obtainable for the degree of Bachelor, not less than 50% must be obtained from tests which are conducted under examination conditions as laid down by the University’s Regulations for the Invigilation of Examinations.

4. The Senate, at its meeting on 5th March 1980, resolved that there should be strict adherence to four examination lengths: 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours. Exceptions should be allowed only where absolutely compelling academic reasons are adduced.

5. The Senate, at its meeting on 15 June 1977, resolved that, once an assessment scheme for a given module had been approved, that scheme should apply to all students taking the module, whatever their department or degree course.

6. The present publication will be revised each year to take account of any amendments approved by Senate. The Senate, at its meeting on 2nd November 1977, resolved that any proposed amendments must be approved by Senate at or before its first ordinary meeting in the Summer term preceding the year in which the changes will take effect. Proposals for major amendments to degree courses should be submitted for consideration by Senate at or before its second ordinary meeting in the Spring term to allow time, where necessary, for comment by other committees.

7. Proposals for new core or optional modules should be submitted in the approved standard format. Copies of proposal forms are available from the Academic Registrar.

8. The Senate, at its meeting on 2nd December 1992 resolved that all modules taught on undergraduate degree courses should carry weightings on either or both of the two agreed scales of CATS (Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme) weights.

The approved weights are: 7.5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 and 6, 12, 18, 24 and 48. Senate also resolved that individual modules should always attract the same weight unless taught in variant forms with varying patterns of assessment. Where two CATS weights are shown this indicates a module that has a double weighted variant. Where CATS weights differ from examination weightings, the latter are also shown.

9. The Senate, at its meeting on 4 July 2001 approved harmonised undergraduate examination conventions for the Faculties of Arts and Social Studies to be introduced with effect from October 2001 for students enrolling in 2001, noting that conventions for the Faculty of Science were already harmonised.