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Course Specifications at Warwick

In addition to meeting national requirements, Course Specifications will provide a tool which can be used internally for quality enhancement purposes. Course specifications are entered into an online database accessible via Insite, which enables information about courses to be retrieved in a flexible way. For example, opportunities to achieve particular key skills as part of a degree course and the extent of key skills integration within the undergraduate curriculum have been analysed through the database.

On a day-to-day basis, Course Specifications provide an easily-accessible resource for both students and staff, explicitly setting out the link between skills and knowledge students will possess upon completion of a course, how these are acquired and demonstrated. Course specifications are available to the public.

Courses undergo continuous change, and the role of the Course Specification is to be a definitive statement of the course within a changing environment. Each Specification should provide a snapshot of a course for a particular cohort of students at a point in the continuing evolution of that course. When proposing revisions to courses, the specification for the current cohort should not be amended, but a copy generated to reflect a new version of the course. More information on the development of course specifications is available in the Guidance section of this website.

Course Specifications are required as part of the approval process for new degree courses and for significant amendments to existing courses.