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What is Warwick doing about Bologna?

The UK (as a whole and each of its constituent parts) is fully committed to the Bologna process. The UK was one of the initial signatories to the process and has been making good progress across all the "action lines" to implement it.

Warwick's position is to watch and wait and to make changes as and when necessary. Because Bologna is an inter-governmental process, and the UK HE system was were more in line with the objectives of the process than many countries when it started, it has not required many changes for us, the UK, as a country or for us, Warwick.

For the same reason, there is a limit to how much influence Warwick could have on its own. But we are engaged with the national bodies who are in a position to influence the process. So various members of staff regularly attend UK-wide conferences, we seek to influence QAA who in turn have significant influence in Europe through their Chief Executive, Peter Williams. Some colleagues are engaged with the process through discipline-based professional bodies, particularly, for example, in seeking to persuade European colleagues of the validity of intergrated Masters degrees.

Many of the changes are being made at a national level. QAA will be going through a process to certify that the English national credit framework complies with Bologna norms, for example. At Warwick, we have made some minor alterations to the rules around intergrated Masters degrees to ensure they are as "Bologna-compliant" as they can be. We are considering how best to introduced the Diploma Supplement, which incorporates information currently contained in a degree transcript into a document which sets a student's course in the national context.