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Institutional Teaching and Learning Review 2017

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ITLR 2017

    The Institutional Teaching and Learning Review (ITLR) 2017 reviewed teaching and learning provision across all departments between 16 – 27 January 2017, at undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research and post-experience levels. The ITLR had three main purposes - Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement and an evaluation of preparedness for the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The Review was designed to provide assurance of the quality and standards of courses of study, ensure alignment with external requirements, and inform preparation for external review. It also provided an opportunity for reflection and external advice on how best to enhance the quality of the University's teaching and learning provision, as well as the distinctiveness of the student experience. Professional services departments which support teaching and learning were also reviewed during the same period. More ...


    Key Information

    List of Departments - link to ITLR 2017 Review Data pages (access restricted to Department and Review Panel)

    Review Panel Membership

    Guidance for Panel Secretaries

    Key contacts for during the ITLR (for Review Panels and Secretariat)

    ITLR 2017 Timeline

    Faculty Engagements


    Institutional Teaching and Learning Review 2017: Next steps

    Since the ITLR in January 2017, we’ve been doing some detailed analysis to identify themes for development across the University. These were considered by the University Senate on 15 June 2017 and key outcomes can now be shared with the broader University community.

    More ...