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About the ITLR


The Institutional Teaching and Learning Review (ITLR) replaced the University's previous practice of undertaking Strategic Departmental Reviews (which was a merger of two historical processes: the Periodic Review of Courses and the Quinquennial Departmental Review). An ITLR was conducted in 2011, and Senate approved the proposal to undertake a further ITLR at its meeting of 27 June 2016.

The ITLR is a core component of the University’s teaching and learning assurance and enhancement processes and one to which all staff are expected to contribute at departmental and institutional levels, as appropriate. The ITLR 2017 examined academic departments and faculties and assure the standards and quality of the courses being offered, while giving us an opportunity to reflect and seek external advice on how to enhance the quality of our teaching and learning provision and the broader student experience over the next five years. Administrative departments which support teaching and learning were, for the first time, reviewed as part of the ITLR.

Reviewing all departments over the same period supported fairness and consistency; it also allowed a central administrative team to coordinate much of the administration of the ITLR, therefore lightening the burden on academic departments. A central co-ordination team supported the process. In addition, secretaries for the Review Panel were identified from across the University’s administration.


Responsibility for the standards and quality of courses ultimately rests with the Senate. The Senate delegates oversight to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) which oversees the ITLR process, via the ITLR Steering Group. The membership of the ITLR Steering Group and the ITLR Operational Group (which reports to the Steering Group on matters of operational delivery) are shown below:

ITLR Steering Group membership

Professor Christopher Hughes

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) (Chair)

Professor David Lamburn

Professorial Teaching Fellow, Academic Registrar’s Office (Deputy Chair)

Dr Deborah Keith

Lay Member of Council
Professor Gwen van der Velden Director, Warwick International Higher Education Academy
Professor Amanda Dowd

Academic Director, Graduate School

Dr Mike Glover Academic Registrar

Mrs Roberta Woodridge Smith

Deputy Academic Registrar
Dr Giles Carden Director, Strategic Planning & Analytics
Mrs Philippa Glover

Secretary to Council

Professor Simon Gilson Chair, Board of the Faculty of Arts

Professor Aileen Clarke /

Dr David Davies

Chair, Board of the Faculty of Medicine /

Deputy Chair, Board of the Faculty of Medicine

Professor Mike Shipman Chair, Board of the Faculty of Science
Professor Matthew Nudds Chair, Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Ms Hope Worsdale Education Officer, Student Member

Ms Jill Shaw

Project Manager, ITLR 2017 (Secretary)


ITLR Operational Group membership

Dr Mike Glover

Academic Registrar (Chair)

Mrs Roberta Wooldridge Smith

Deputy Academic Registrar
Ms Katharine Gray Senior Assistant Registrar (Teaching Quality)

Mrs Cara Pearson

Assistant Registrar (Teaching Quality)
Mrs Emma Birch Head of Governance Services
Ms Jackie Clarke Director of Administration, Departments of PAIS, Philosophy and Sociology
Ms Ros Roke Administrator, Department of Mathematics
Dr Nat Shiers

Postgraduate Officer, Student Member

Ms Jill Shaw Project Manager, ITLR 2017
Ms Louise Hasler

Assistant Project Manager, ITLR 2017 (Secretary)