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Feedback on ITLR 2017 from Panel Members and Secretariat

As part of our aim to improve and streamline future review processes, we have invited Institutional Review Panel Members and Secretariat to provide feedback on their experience of participating in the Institutional Review. Information received through the questionnaires will be collated and considered by the ITLR Operational Group, which has oversight of feedback for the review process, and will be used to shape future cycles of the ITLR.

We will also ask departmental Institutional Review contacts to complete a survey. If you have participated in one of the departmental reviews as a panel member or secretary, as well as acting as a lead departmental contact for your own department's review, please fill in this survey from the perspective of a panel member or secretary. You may subsequently wish to give your views as lead departmental contact in the separate questionnaire for departmental contacts.

Please fill in the questionnaire below with as much detail as you wish. If you have any extended comments or would like to offer insights into an area that we have not captured below, please send them via e-mail to ITLR2017 at warwick dot ac dot uk, or via post following the directions on the contact us page.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.