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Learning Gain: An Agenda for Change 27th September 2018

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Keynote: Learning Gain in Context: where does it fit in the turbulent world of HE policy? Ant Bagshaw, Former Deputy CEO Wonkhe

Ant Bagshaw opened our event by providing an overview Powerpoint icon of the (somewhat gloomy) policy context in which learning gain sits. He challenged the audience to consider: Is Learning Gain (well-defined) too complex for policymaking? Post-Hefce, is there mandate, competence, appetite and budget for improving policy through research? What can/should researchers, universities, policymakers do about it?

LEGACY Overview

All LEGACY Strands provided an overviewPowerpoint icon of the key findings from their individual research projects with Partners. This overview also included two conceptual frameworks (measurement and employability).

Parallel session A 'Conceptual and Methodological Considerations'

The role of dispositions in measuring and modelling learning gain Powerpoint Icon. Dr Maria Pampaka, University of Manchester

Learning Gain – espoused challenges and real problemsPowerpoint Icon. Dr Heike Behle, University of Warwick

Parallel session B International Perspectives

Minerva - Improving outcomes in higher educationPowerpoint icon Robin Goldberg, Minerva, USA

How well are we fostering ‘global graduate’ skills?Powerpoint icon Learning Gain insights from the Global Education Profiler. Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, University of Warwick

Parallel session C Implications for Practice

Lessons learned from 200K students and 2 GB of learning gains data. Professor Bart Rienties, Open University UK

Maximising student engagement in learning gain measurementPowerpoint icon. Dr Liz Austen with Nathaniel Pickering and Alan Donnelly, Sheffield Hallam University

Christina Hughes writes for Wonkhe

An overview of the key findings across the LEGACY Strands and an analysis of next steps can be found in the Wonkhe publication: How do we measure what students learn at university?

LEGACY features in the THE

A write up of the event was also featured in the Times Higher Education with comment from Dr Sonia Ilie and Eluned Jones.