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Conferences & Publications

U21 Educational Innovation Conference, 26 - 28 October 2016, UK

The U21 Educational Innovation Cluster aims to articulate the leadership challenges, and identify, share, and develop strategies for advancing challenges in broadening educational experiences, virtual and physical learning spaces as well as effective and sustainable approaches to teaching and learning. As well as input from Eluned Jones and Dr Nalayini Thambar, Professor Jan Vermunt, University of Cambridge also supported the event by introducing their developed Conceptual Framework for Learning Gain, more details can be found here

HEFCE National Learning Gain Conference, 10 November 2016, UK

HEFCEs national conference on Learning Gain was an opportunity for representatives of the HE sector to become aware of work being undertaken by pilot projects in the learning gain pilot programme. There was opportunity to hear from sector representatives involved with the wider teaching and learning environment. LEGACY's input was given by Professor Christina Hughes, PVC Student Experience and LEGACY Chair. LEGACY's contribution can be found here.

NAGCAS Annual Conference, November 2016, Australia

The NAGCAS Annual Conference ‘Careers Evolution or Revolution: Vision | Inspiration | Inclusion’ was held on 28th - 30th November, 2016 in Adelaide, Australia. NAGCAS is a professional body for career development in HE sectors with specific emphasis on graduate employability, university/employer engagement, career development education and policy.

Eluned Jones, Dr Nalayini Thambar and Dr Toni Wright informed career and employability professionals on their work in LEGACY and initial findings of their work. Their contribution can be found here.

Learning Gain Symposium, SRHE 2016, Wales

The Open University and the LEGACY project collaborated to deliver a Learning Gain symposium, at the SRHE national Conference in November 2016. The symposium was based on accepted conference papers and started with Professor Christina Hughes, Dr Heike Behle and Dr Sonia Ilie. Please click on presenters for their presentations. The Employability Strand Leaders of LEGACY (Anne Wilson, Eluned Jones, Dr Nalayini Thambar & Dr Toni Wright) have collaborated on an accepted paper, please click here.

Measuring Employability Gain - approaches from different countries, 21 November 2017, UK

The SRHE and LEGACY have combined efforts to deliver a workshop in November 2017. The event takes the opportunity to look at what and how other countries are identifying, researching and understanding employability and learning gain within the Higher Education sector. please use this link to see further details of this event with representations from Germany, Itlay, the UK and the OECD.

LEGACY @ SRHE 2017, December 2017, Wales

LEGACY had three papers accepted at SRHE 2017 which reflected the two aspects of the project; the Measurement of Learning Gain and Employability, where the latter addressed 'Exploring Employability Gain: Findings from LEGACY' and also outlined 'Student's preparation for employment'.