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LEGACY Seminars


Teaching Excellence Framework: Raising Quality Standards, July 2016

One of LEGACY's first dissemination activites was participation in this event at Manchester, Sunil Maher presented the projects key aims and the methodological approach to measuring Learning Gain.

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The LEGACY project participated in the Learning Gain Symposium (N11) @SRHE2017, where it detailed the relationship of 'employability' and learning gain. Click here for a copy of the presentation

Employability, LEGACY, Learning Gain, TEF


Measuring Employability Gain – approaches from different countries - 21st November 2017 @ SRHE, London UK

The SRHE and the LEGACY project worked collaboratively to bring together international examples of measuring learning and employability gain. With representatives of OECD, INCHER-Kassel (Germany), and Aston University(UK) sharing their experiences and approaches. The event also welcomed a summary of methodological approaches of Learning Gain in the UK curerntly being undertaken.

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Learning Gain - What does it mean? Why don't we ask students?

A workshop involving students was held in February 2017, the purpose was to gather the understanding of what learning gain means to students and to hear their experiences of their journey into HE. A unique illustration was achieved during the course of the workshop this can be found here

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