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What is LEGACY?

LightbultLEGACY (Learning and Employability Gain Assessment CommunitY) brings together leading researchers and practitioners actively focussed on piloting and testing alternative measurement methods and approaches to understand what Learning Gain is, furthermore is will assess their validity, transferability and scalability.

By September 2018 LEGACY will have gathered a robust dataset and analyse evidence-based understandings on the viability of different approaches and will produce original research leading to innovative outcomes in the measurement of Learning Gain across the higher education sector.

The project will contribute to informed and valid measurements by creating an environment for methodological comparability across longitudinal and cross-sectional measures, it will fully exploit opportunities to transfer expertise and knowledge across the partnership and specifically target HEIs, employers and other educational and employment focussed bodies.

Project LEGACY draws on the knowledge, skills and capabilities of 18 Russell Group University partners, building and creating a shared knowledge and understanding that will enable appropriate comparison of students based on socio-economic, ethnicity and gender of students from an undergraduate and postgraduate level.