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LEGACY Strands

The LEGACY project is delivered across 4 ‘Strands’ of research activity facilitating engagement through surveys, questionnaires and interviews; each strand has its unique set of objectives, approaches, analysis and potential outcomes. The ‘Measurement of Learning Gain’ will look at the core dimensions of student learning gains across disciplines and will develop a measurement instrument that will test the longitudinal explanatory model of student learning gains. create engage analyse

The other three strands focus on measures of Learning Gain for employability. More specifically, the R2 Strengths Strand will utilise the benefits of a self-awareness tool to assess the ability of participants to understand and describe their strengths, their career readiness and self-efficacy.

The Career Adaptabilities Strand builds on previous research which measures and facilitates learning through tracking a cohort of students across academic years. Using mixed method approaches of engagement, it will target disciplines where graduate employment levels, 6 months post-graduation, are traditionally low.

The International Experience and Employability Strand seeks to measure the impact of international experiences of students that have either worked or studied abroad and will seek to identify self-perceived societal/economic benefits associated with international experiences, identifying the impact of employability-focussed interventions.