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Measuring Learning Gain

This Strand aims to understand the development of students’ abilities, skills, and competencies during their time in higher education. It is a 3-year project with aims to capture the core dimensions of student learning gains, relevant across a range of disciplines: Business Studies; Chemistry; English; and Medicine.

The Strand’s aims are to develop and test a measurement instrument for assessing learning gain longitudinally. It will do so by inviting both undergraduate and postgraduate students in partner institutions and the above disciplines to participate in an on-line questionnaire, at three different points in time, from November 2016 to April 2018.

The work is split into three stages, with different foci:

Stage 1: the research will focus on exploring students’ perspective on learning gain by means of interviews, which will also serve to inform the development of a measurement instrument to be deployed in Phases 2 and 3

Stage 2: the work will concern the development, testing, and first administration of the measurement instrument, and the analysis of data in relation to student background characteristics

Stage 3: the research will consist of the repeated collection of learning gain data using the instrument developed previously; and the analysis of the survey information after linkage to administrative data sources.

This Strand will ultimately generate new empirical evidence about the dimensions of student learning gain in higher education, triangulating results from different measures of student learning such as self-reports, tests, and interviews, to provide a better understanding of the potential to measure student learning gains at scale.

Strand Partners: