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R2 Strengths

R2 Strengths is an established instrument that has been validated and implemented by a number of global organisations. Around 40% of larger graduate recruiters have moved to Strengths-based recruitment and selection, including EY, Lloyds and Nestle Strengths-based interview questions aim to identify candidates’ motivation and to see what applicants could bring to their organisation; many other recruiters have also incorporated strengths-based questions into their selection processes.

Students who have a clearer understanding of their strengths are able to demonstrate a greater degree of self-awareness and can often articulate what they have to offer recruiters more effectively. By understanding what they are good at and enjoy, students are more likely to identify the kinds of opportunity and organisation which will enable them to use and develop their strengths and therefore to flourish within their employing organisation, leading to increased graduate retention. This strand will seek to increase finalist undergraduates’ employability by providing understanding their personal strengths

Participants (students) will initially complete a pre-questionnaire to capture an awareness of students’ strengths, their career readiness and self-efficacy. They will then be asked to complete the R2 Strengths Profile - identifying their strengths. Through discussion with a trained R2 practitioner, final year undergraduates will be able to evaluate roles they are applying for and consider their suitability. Finalists will be able to provide supporting evidence of their relevant strengths in order to enhance their applications and interviews. The ability to understand and describe their strengths will build long-term confidence and self-efficacy. Students will then complete a second ‘After’ questionnaire to capture their Learning Gain.


The key outcomes of these support activities will be;

  • Enhancing Finalist Undergraduates’ employability through understanding their personal strengths
  • Supporting final year undergraduates to evaluate roles they are applying for and consider their suitability
  • Providing supporting evidence of their relevant strengths to enhance their applications and interviews

Participants will be asked to feedback their experience providing input to an impact analysis, identifying how this process has added value and/or supported their progression to the world of employment.

For further information about R2 Strengths and future activity, please contact Anne Wilson, Head of Careers, The University of Warwick at A dot E dot Wilson at warwick dot ac dot uk

Strand Partners:

uni of warwick leader durham newcastle qmul
  uni of sheffield uni of manchester