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HR931 - Plant Breeding and Trial Design for Registration

  • Module code: HR931
  • Module name: Plant Breeding and Trial Design for Registration
  • Department: School of Life Sciences
  • Credit: 10

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Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This module provides an introduction to modern plant breeding techniques in the context of the genetic basis of phenotypic variation. This module will allow students to understand heritable plant characteristics that enhance production, confer resistance or tolerance to adverse conditions and improve the environment. The recent advances in plant genomics and subsequently bioinformatics have had a significant impact on genetics. New techniques and equipment now allow us to map out the biochemical structure of all of the genes of an organism, and then to investigate gene function and regulation. The first step is known as structural genomics, and the second step is called functional genomics. Any approach towards a sustainable future will require us to integrate both genetic and genomic knowledge that will provide opportunity to harness the power of plant genomics to create crops with improved traits. The section on trial design builds on the general statistical training provided in the induction programme at the start of the course, focussing on the practical and statistical issues that scientists need to consider when planning research programmes concerned with developing and testing crop protection products, leading to potential registration of these products, and with developing new varieties of crops with particular characteristics.

Principal learning outcomes

This module aims to provide an introduction to the genetic and molecular basis of phenotypic variation. By the end of the course it is expected that participants will have a knowledge of the basics of plant genetics and genomics. Participants will also acquire a basic grounding in trial design and the statistical analysis of the data required to support registration of crop protection products.

Timetabled teaching activities

Lectures 15 x 1 hour; Workshops 14 hours; Tutorials 5 hours

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
10 CATS (Module code: HR931-10)
A1 (Assessed work only) Assessed Course Work 40%
Assessed Course Work 60%

Module availability

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