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MD928 - Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Care

  • Module code: MD928
  • Module name: Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Care
  • Department: WMS, Dentistry
  • Credit: 12

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

Gain knowledge of how orthodontics interfaces with other dental specialities, be able to use Information Technology within all aspects of orthodontics and work as part of a team.

Principal learning outcomes

"On completion of the module, you should: Have knowledge of the role of orthodontics in multi-disciplinary care; Have knowledge of the aetiology, classification and prevalence of cleft lip and palate; Have knowledge of the role of orthodontics in cleft-lip and palate care; Be familiar with the prevalence of ectopic teeth; Be competent at managing patients with ectopic teeth; Be competent at using information technology; (can this be expanded to define more clearly what is included e.g. e-mail, using practice management systems, Internet, MEDLINE etc.; Be familiar with the role of healthcare informatics in the provision of orthodontic care; Be competent at communication with patients, their families and carers, other members of the dental team and other healthcare professionals; Have knowledge of managing patients from different social and ethnic backgrounds; Have knowledge of working as part of the dental team; Be familiar with the social and psychological issues relevant to the care of patients; Be competent at working with other members of the dental team Be competent at interpreting, and working to, an orthodontic care plan or prescription; Have knowledge of the role of the orthodontic therapist within the framework of the dental team; Have knowledge of when to refer the patient to a dentist where treatment is beyond the training or experience of the orthodontic therapist (this is also covered in Module 1); Be familiar with the organisation of orthodontic services within the United Kingdom."

Timetabled teaching activities

6 Days

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
12 CATS (Module code: MD928-12)
B (Examination only) locally Adminstered Exam 100%

Module availability

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