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ES94R - Programme & Project Strategy

  • Module code: ES94R
  • Module name: Programme & Project Strategy
  • Department: Warwick Manufacturing Group
  • Credit: 10

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Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This module augments the Programme and Project Management and Managing the Multi-Project Environment modules. It extends and enhances knowledge in the derivation, from corporate strategy, of business change programmes and their comprising projects, and then the chartering, structuring, and governance of those collections of projects. This will include exploration of stakeholders’ perceptions of benefits, their decision-making processes, their criteria for measuring success of these enterprises, and connection of all of these to the strategies for the management of the interlinked projects.

Principal learning outcomes

"On completion, participants will be able to: Understand, and operate within the context in which programmes and projects are initiated. Apply the principles and philosophies that underlie successful multi-project and programme management strategies; Demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the multiple human, systemic and operational factors that influence the initiation and governance of projects and programmes; Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and the ability to systematically apply the methodologies and tools used in multi-project and programme management strategising; Recognise the benefits of a structured approach to programme and project initiation and structuring; Recognise, anticipate, and manage the inherent uncertainties and difficulties in programme initiation, including human and corporate behavioural influences; Recognise and appraise the human, financial, and business implications of programme strategy options, and the decision-making processes in complex and uncertain, situations."

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
10 CATS (Module code: ES94R-10)
A (Assessed work only) Assessed Course Work 100%

Module availability

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