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ES9J1 - Manufacturing Technology

  • Module code: ES9J1
  • Module name: Manufacturing Technology
  • Department: Warwick Manufacturing Group
  • Credit: 10

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

Manufacturing technology is of paramount importance as no manufacturing industry can exist without it. Modern manufacturing technology entails a diverse range of disciplines and their interaction including Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Materials, Processes, and Manufacturing Automation. This course module aims to introduce these subject areas in broad terms with a view to their applications in manufacturing industry. The course module is augmented by laboratory demos, practical hands-on sessions and a case study.

Principal learning outcomes

On completion participants will be capable of: Recognising the significance of manufacturing technology; A basic appreciation of materials and manufacturing processes; A basic appreciation of computer aided design and manufacture; A basic appreciation of Automation in manufacture.

Timetabled teaching activities

40 hours

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
10 CATS (Module code: ES9J1-10)
A (Assessed work only) Assessed Course Work 100%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:



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