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Film & TV Studies

  • FI101 Discovering Cinema
  • FI102 The Hollywood Cinema
  • FI106 Film History
  • FI107 Film Criticism
  • FI108 Theories of the Moving Image
  • FI109 Visual Cultures
  • FI203 Silent Cinema
  • FI204 National Cinemas
  • FI205 Television History and Criticism
  • FI301 Film Aesthetics
  • FI310 Dissertation Option in Film and/or Television Studies for Final Year Students
  • FI314 Postmodernism and New Hollywood
  • FI324 Hollywood Romantic Comedy
  • FI325 Horror and the Gothic in Film and Television
  • FI326 Re-enactment in Documentary
  • FI328 The Practice of Film Criticism
  • FI329 Screenwriting
  • FI330 Cinema and Architecture