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Hispanic Studies

  • HP101 Modern Spanish Language I
  • HP102 Modern Spanish Language for Beginners
  • HP103 Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World
  • HP104 Images and Representations of the Hispanic World
  • HP201 Modern Spanish Language II
  • HP203 (Re) Foundational Fictions: Writing Nature into the Latin American Nation
  • HP207 Foundations of the Hispanic World 2: Reality, Magic and Desire in the Baroque Period
  • HP208 Cultural Connections, Digital Histories: Britain and the 19th-century Hispanic World
  • HP301 Modern Spanish Language III
  • HP304 Memory's Migration: Cultural Exchanges in the Hispanic World
  • HP305 Galician Connections: Culture and Identity on the Atlantic Rim
  • HP309 From Dictatorship to Democracy: Comparative Perspectives on Contemporary Spain and Portugal
  • HP310 Spain and the Philippines at Empire's End