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PX271 - Physics Skills

  • Module code: PX271
  • Module name: Physics Skills
  • Department: Physics
  • Credit: 30

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

The module provides you with an opportunity to develop your experimental skills, (including data collection and data and error analysis), by carrying out a number of practical experiments using a range of laboratory apparatus. This work also includes the construction and testing of a functioning electronic circuit.

Principal learning outcomes

"At the end of the module you should be able to: use many pieces of standard laboratory equipment including oscilloscopes, and telescopes. You should also be able to read manuals and follow detailed instructions when using less standard pieces of laboratory equipment (e.g. NMR and gamma ray spectrometers, x-ray sets); carry out a scientific investigation, to critically analyse your data and the methods used and to compare your findings with theory and with published experimental data; retrieve information on a particular topic in physics from the scientific literature (including printed materials and computer databases), and to make sense of these different sources of information; use PC's with standard and specialised computer software for data acquisition, analysis, and presentation; communicate your ideas verbally and in writing and to use word processing (e.g. Word, Tex) and presentation (PowerPoint) software packages; demonstrate organisational skills including planning and time management on experiments and group working. "

Timetabled teaching activities

Laboratory sessions as required.

Departmental link

Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
30 CATS (Module code: PX271-30)
A (Assessed work only) Assessed Course Work 100%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:

  • Undergraduate Physics (BSc) (F300) - Year 2
  • Undergraduate Physics (BSc MPhys) (F304) - Year 2
  • Undergraduate Physics and Business Studies (F3N1) - Year 2
Optional Core