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English and Comparative Literary Studies

  • EN906 Warwick Fiction Workshop 2
  • EN908 Writing Poetry
  • EN910 Warwick Fiction Workshop 1
  • EN913 Feminist Literary Theory
  • EN920 Shakespeare in Performance
  • EN924 Dissertation 1
  • EN928 Poetics of Urban Modernism
  • EN938 Postcolonial Theory
  • EN942 Fundamentals of World Literature
  • EN951 Crossing Borders: Writing, Language, Cultural Transfer
  • EN956 Dissertation (16,000 words)
  • EN957 Long Project in Writing
  • EN963 Resource Fictions: Studies in World Literature
  • EN964 Translation Studies in Theory & Practice
  • EN981 Writing about Human Rights & Injustice
  • EN985 The Development of English Drama 1558-1659
  • EN994 Nonfiction Writing Workshop
  • EN995 Historial Fictions, Fictional Histories
  • EN9A5 The Practice of Literary Translation
  • EN9A7 Drama and Performance Theory
  • EN9B3 Stylistics Workshop
  • EN9B4 Brave New Worlds: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • EN9B5 World Literature in the Anthropocene
  • EN9B6 Writing Louder: Slam, Spoken Word, and Performance Poetics
  • EN9B7 Small Press Publishing: History, Theory, Practice