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Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

  • IM902 Approaches to the Digital
  • IM903 Complexity in the Social Sciences
  • IM904 Digital Objects, Digital Methods
  • IM906 Dissertation
  • IM913 Spatial Methods and Practice in Urban Science
  • IM918 Independent Study Essay
  • IM919 Urban Data: Theory and Methodology
  • IM920 Digital Sociology
  • IM921 Visualisation
  • IM922 Playful Media: Ludification in the Digital Age
  • IM923 User Interface Cultures: Design, Method and Critique
  • IM924 Philosophy of Social Science Research
  • IM925 Foundations in Qualitative Research
  • IM926 Research Design, Practice and Ethics
  • IM927 Digital Cities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Science
  • IM928 Urban Resilience, Disasters and Data
  • IM929 Ethnography, Knowledge and Practice
  • IM930 Futures Past: the Sixties Counterculture and the Origins of the Digital Revolution
  • QS906 Big Data Research: Hype or Revolution?