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MD924 - Biomedical Sciences & Oral Biology

  • Module code: MD924
  • Module name: Biomedical Sciences & Oral Biology
  • Department: WMS, Dentistry
  • Credit: 12

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This module consists of five sections: Biomedical Sciences and Oral Biology; Law, Ethics, and Professionalism; Human Disease; Health and Safety and Medical Emergencies.

Principal learning outcomes

On completion of the module, you should: Have knowledge and understanding of those aspects of the biomedical sciences, oral physiology and craniofacial, oral and dental anatomy that are significant in the management of patients; Be familiar with those aspects of general anatomy, physiology and biochemistry relevant to orthodontic therapy; Be competent at implementing and performing satisfactory infection control and preventing physical, chemical and microbiological contamination in the clinic and the laboratory; Be competent at arranging and using the working clinical and laboratory environment in the most safe and efficient manner; have knowledge of health and safety legislation as it affects clinical and laboratory practice; Be competent at maintaining full, accurate clinical records; Have knowledge of responsibilities of consent, duty of care and confidentiality; Have knowledge of their responsibilities in relation to the referral of patients; Have knowledge of patients’ rights and appropriate complaints procedures; Have knowledge of the competency range of orthodontic therapists and other members of the dental team; Have knowledge of the regulatory functions of the GDC; Be familiar with the legal and ethical obligations of registered members of the dental team; Be familiar with the obligation to practice in the best interests of the patient at all times; Be familiar with the need for lifelong learning and continuing professional development; Be familiar with the law as it applies to dental records; Have knowledge of the scientific principles of sterilisation, disinfection and antisepsis; Be familiar with the implications of a positive medical history and the main medical disorders that may affect the provision of orthodontic care; Be competent at carrying out resuscitation techniques (Basic Life Support); Have knowledge of how to identify medical emergencies and provide immediate management of anaphylactic reaction, hypoglycaemia, upper respiratory obstruction, cardiac arrest, fits, vasovagal attack, inhalation or ingestion of foreign bodies, and haemorrhage; Be familiar with the principles of first aid.

Timetabled teaching activities

6 Days

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
12 CATS (Module code: MD924-12)
D1 (Assessed/examined work) Mannequin Resuscitation Assessment 0%
  1.5 hr written MCQ/EMQ exam (locally held) 100%

Module availability

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