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  • PH923 Hegel's Science of Logic
  • PH924 Nietzsche
  • PH955 Origins of Phenomenology
  • PH967 Benjamin, Luk√°cs, Brecht, Adorno: The Search for Revolutionary Aesthetics
  • PH975 Dissertation (10,000)
  • PH995 Topics in Continental Philosophy
  • PH997 Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • PH998 Topics in Philosophy of Mind and Language
  • PH9A5 Topics in 20th Century French Philosophy I
  • PH9A9 Self-Knowledge
  • PH9B1 Kant's Aesthetics
  • PH9E3 Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy
  • PH9E5 Descartes' Meditations
  • PH9F2 Research Methods
  • PH9F5 Hegel's Aesthetics
  • PH9F6 Critiques of Enlightenment in Post-Kantian German Philosophy
  • PH9F7 Topics in Philosophy and the Arts
  • PH9F8 Philosophical Psychology: Action, Perception and Metarepresentation